Open Data Policy Guidelines » Guideline 31

Mandate future review for potential changes to this policy

Just as publishing open data is an ongoing process that requires attention to quality and upkeep (see Provision 28), so too does the policy that establishes it. In order to keep up with current best practices and feedback from existing policy oversight, open data policies should mandate future review of the policy itself as well as of any guidance created by the policy or other implementation processes.

Open data policies should acknowledge the context in which they operate is rapidly changing over time, and will likely need sustained attention to remain relevant. There is a wide array of topics a review could, and should, cover. One key focus of review is understanding the audience for open data. Attention should be given to capturing details such as who is using government data, which data is being used, what the data is being used for and more.

Examples of language for this guideline:

Here are examples of the language for this guideline as included in policies on this site. Please note that the selections of text below are imperfect, and you should check out their source policies to read them in context.