Open Data Policy Generator

Use this form to create an open data policy! Answer the questions below to receive a custom open data policy.

The Open Data Policy Generator creates customized versions of our sample open data policy.

Cities can use this tool to begin crafting their own open data policy. Please note the sample policy should not be implemented as is — thoroughly review the policy, ensure complete comprehension, and fine-tune as needed to meet city-specific needs.

In the spirit of transparency, we strongly encourage you to cite the Sunlight Foundation if any of the sample text is used in the final iteration of the policy. Additionally, be sure to review our Open Data Policy Guidelines when crafting policy.

Government or agency name: long

What is the full official name of your municipality, county, state, or other government? Examples: City of Minneapolis, City and County of San Francisco, Town of Amherst, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, District of Columbia, Barcelona City Council

Government or agency name: short

This is a short name for how you want your government referenced later in the document. Examples: City, County, Town, District. (So if you put “City” as your short name, then the policy will say things like “all City agencies must...” and “the City will consider...”)

Who is signing or taking action on this policy?

Who will be responsible for managing the open data program?

Is the manager named above an existing position in the government or a newly established one?

To what email address should this draft policy should be sent?