Open Data Policy Guidelines » Guideline 25

Create guidance or other binding regulations for implementation

Open data policies should be practically aspirational, meaning they should define a vision for why the policy is being implemented, but also provide actionable steps for government and oversight authorities to follow to see the policy through to implementation. Creating regulations or guidance can ensure a strong, reliable policy and is an important factor in the difference between policy passed for show versus policy passed for substance. Regulations help make the work of oversight and implementation authorities possible. Open data policies can also direct guidance to be created from a basic framework described in the policy. So rather than spelling out the entirety of data standards in the original policy document, governments can include direction in their policies that guidance be created to help agencies comply with online public access to non-proprietary, machine-readable data published in open formats.

Examples of language for this guideline:

Here are examples of the language for this guideline as included in policies on this site. Please note that the selections of text below are imperfect, and you should check out their source policies to read them in context.