Open Data Policy Collection

Sioux Falls, SD

Executive Order (Nov 29, 2017)

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Subject: Open Data Program

The City of Sioux Falls seeks to increase transparency and access to public data both internally and externally. This Executive Order establishes the authority for the Central Services Department to create and administer an Open Data Program.

The goals of the program shall include:

  • Increasing transparency, access, and accountability;
  • Enhancing data coordination and efficiencies internally and externally;
  • Creating public data access through a single portal to promote the ability to aggregate, analyze, and optimize data;
  • Promoting a higher level of civic engagement through a more informed community; and
  • Proactively publishing frequently sought information.

While engaging this program, the City will also recognize and protect the privacy, confidentiality, public safety, and security of data in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.

The Director of Central Services or designee will be responsible for ensuring program enforcement.

Source: EO #17-27 (11-29-17) Huether

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