Open Data Policy Collection

Riverside, CA

Proclamation (Mar 7, 2017)

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Sunlight provided assistance with the development of this policy.

Whereas, the City of Riverside commits to improving the community by making government functions more transparent, participatory, and accountable; and

Whereas, Open Government includes removing barriers to access to government information; and

Whereas, the City of Riverside commits to working to enable data captured and used by the City to be more easily accessible by people and machines, while at the same time protecting privacy and the rights of others; and

Whereas, the work of publishing public data for easier consumption by people and machines is known as Open Data; and

Whereas, an increasingly robust Open Data program will help foster public engagement, improve delivery of public services, and create new opportunities for innovation; and

Whereas, data-driven decision making will support the City of Riverside’s Strategic Goals.

Now, therefore, I, William R. Bailey, III, Mayor of the City of Riverside, California, do hereby proclaim the 2nd week of March, 2017, as Open Data Week in the City of Riverside and on behalf of the City Council, encourage Open Government transparency and freely sharing of data to improve government access and enhance the City of Riverside’s quality of living.

Dated this 7th day of March, 2017.

William R. Bailey III, Mayor

City of Riverside, California

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