Open Data Policy Collection

Phoenix, AZ

Administrative Policy (Jun 18, 2014)

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Open Data Policy

​​In order to expand the city of Phoenix’ commitment to transparency in government, increased efficiencies enhanced economic opportunities and innovation, the City Manager recommends the adoption of an Open Data Policy (Policy). The Policy communicates to the community, departments and staff that making non-confidential data freely available using open standards will make the operation of our government more efficient, effective and accountable to the public. The Policy will achieve these goals while preserving the public trust in regards to the personal, sensitive and confidential data we possess.

  1. Departments shall exercise judgment before publishing public data residing in existing systems to ensure we protect the public's trust.
  2. Data will be, 'open by default,' meaning, data is available for public consumption unless defined as personally identifiable information (PII), confidential and/or sensitive information and/or otherwise not permitted by law or regulation.
  3. The City Manager will implement standards that further open data efforts to promote:
    1. ​​
    2. Transparency of operations in areas that are not legally prohibited
    3. Innovation in delivery of data through free web-based applications developed by internal and external parties
  4. The city will encourage community engagement and use of the data through competitions/challenges to foster innovation.
  5. Information Technology Services shall be responsible for providing departments the procedures on how to publish and maintain datasets.
  6. The Law Department will determine appropriateness in making data available through the open data web portal.

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